Department of English


Department of English was established in the year 2011 and since inception the department has been aiming at excellence in literary studies. The department has well-qualified staff members who often upgrade themselves with frequent participation in seminars, conferences and workshops. We offer foundation English courses for all branches of UG students. The English Literary Club, “LIT WITS” host many club activities to the students to arouse a savor in their minds towards language and literature. Movies and videos are also screened to easy their visualization of fanciful ideas in fiction. Apart from curriculum the department prides itself for taking efforts in enhancing the students’ communication skill.

  • On 25.08.2022, the Department of English conducted a Locality Development Program.
  • On 26.08.2022, the Department of English went for a language lab visit to Jaya College, so that a new language lab can be established in our college.
  • On 27.08.2022, the Department of English went on an orientation program at the Government Adidravidar women’s Higher Secondary School.
  • On 30.08.2022, the Department of English conducted a seminar on “Literary Theory and Criticism”. The resource person was Mrs. M. G. Sujithra, Head department of English, Peri College.
  • On 16.09.2022, the Department of English conducted the Parents Teacher Meeting for the welfare of the students.
  • On 28.09.2022, the Department of English went for a Library Visit to The British Council Library.
  • On 30.09.2022, the Department of English conducted an Extension Activity, at the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Kovur.
  •  On Feb 26th, Dept. of English conducted a workshop on ‘American Literature’. Mr.Bobby Dennis, Asst. Professor, Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Tambaram, was the Resource Person.
  • English Literary Club, LITWITS was held on 3rd August 2018. Administrator, Rev. Sister Sandya and Principal Dr.R.Dhanapal and Vice-Principal Mrs. B.Vijayalakshmi presided over the function.
  • English Literary Club ‘Lit Wits-2018’ Conducted the Second Literary meet on 12.10.18. Our Principal Dr.R.Dhanapal presided over the function. Students of English Literary Club enacted Soliloquy Scenes from Shakespeare plays and Spanish Tragedy.
  • On January 9th Department of English conducted an ONEDAY REGIONAL SEMINAR ON FILM & LITERATURE.Journalist/ Script Writer/ Film critic Mr.R.RaviShankar was the resource Person. Students from in and around Kancheepuram District attended the programme.
3Mrs. V.ASWITHAM.A., M.Phil,B.Ed,PGDAAsst. Professor
Head i/c
1Dr. S.ANANDH RAJM.A.,M.Phil., Ph.DAsst. Professor
12Mr. S.RAJESHKUMARM.A., M.PhilAsst. Professor
2Mr. E. JeniferM.A., M.Phil, (Ph.D)Asst. Professor
4Ms. Pearl FeminaM.A., M.PhilAsst. Professor
5Ms. Sushmi EliasM.A., M.Phil,(Ph.D)Asst. Professor
6Ms. X. Josephine SilviyaM.A., M.Phil.DHC(Ph.D)Asst. Professor
7Mr. A. Arockia Aravind ArulM.A., M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Asst. Professor
8Ms. D. MugunthapriyaM.A., M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Asst. Professor
9Mrs. A.C.KALPANAM.A., M.PhilAsst. Professor
10Mrs. B. YOGAPRIYAM.A., M.PhilAsst. Professor
11Ms. S.RAJESWARIM.A., M.PhilAsst. Professor

Student Achievements:

  • 30 students from our department went for a library visit to British Council Libraryand attended 3 sessions.
  • On 02.10.2022, 19 students from our department participated in the UNICO world record event held at Santhome Higher Secondary School, Mylapore.
  • On 07.01.2023, our department students participated in a workshop on “Theatre Workshop”, in the Chennai Literary Festival 2023 at the Shri ShankarlalSundarbaiShasun Jain College for Women.
  • Parameshwari from II BA English won the second prize in Kabbadi conducted in our college.
  • Sam Reynard, Simon Peter, and Merlin Susan Babu from II BA English won the second prize in the Carols competition conducted by the Department of Computer Applications.
  • Sangeetha from II BA English won the Best Spoke Person Award in the Tamil debate.
  • Abdul Rahman from I BA English won the first prize in 800 meters and 5000 meters running racesconducted in our college.
  • On Jan 9th III BA (English) students attended a workshop on Emerging Trends on Journalism conducted in Annai Veilankanni’s College for Women, Saidapet.
  • On 07th September, M. Yogi of II B.A went for ‘Poetry Tribute to Kalaignar’ at PanagalMaligai to present a poem on former Chief Minister KalaingnarKarunanidhi and received the title ‘KaviMughil’.
  • About 15 students of III B.A English attended a motivational speech Programme “Josh Talks” at Krishna GnanaSabha, T. Nagar on 29.09.2018. The Topic of the programme was about social media awareness.
  • Students of Final year English were taken to watch an English drama “The Heroes & Psychos” written and directed by Chandrasekaran Venkatraman, on 5th January, 2019, at Alliance Francais, Chennai.
  • Two students, of III B.A., R.Judith and A.Monisha and, five students from II B.A. K.Sangeetha, S.Nandhini, R.Gayathri, S.Nasreen and M.Yogi were sent for an Internship Programme to NEWS TODAY and VALARTHOZHIL – A Tamil Business Monthly, respectively.
  • II B.A English student M.Yogi, participated in JAYA TV, Talk Show on November 3rd and the programme was telecaster in the channel.
  • Students of II B.A. English, had an opportunity to meet Thol.Thirumavalavan and K.Veeramani during their Internship programme. They also visited places like Anna Arivalayam, Madras Supreme Court, Egmore Museum and many other significant places to write reports about them. The students interviewed some common business people and their articles are published in the Tamil Business Monthly Journal, VALARTHOZHIL.
  • II B.A. English, M.Yogi got II Prize in a Poetry Competition conducted in the CHENNAI BOOK FAIR on January 10th.