Joseph_s Bioritiz 2019 – Conservation of water

Name of DepartmentBiotechnology
Name of event organisedJoseph's Bioritiz - 2019
Title of the eventConservation of water
Date of event organised27.08.2019
Name of the coordinator of the eventMr. R. Sabarish
No. of participants150
Name of expert with designationDr. Arumuga Perumal, Director, Armats Biotek Training and research institute
Objective of the eventTo create awarness about the importance of conserving water
To Consider how we might save water at home, college and other public places
To Investigate how local industry uses water and impacts of over use of water
Outcome of the eventStudents:
Understand and Appreciate the importance of saving water - and act to conserve water
Understand how much water does the industry uses and its negative impacts on environment